First Appearance

Egg of the Dragon




Dare, Kells, Tir Na Nóg



Flight, Firebreathing

The Drageen is a small dragon found by the Mystic Knights as an egg in Egg of the Dragon and later on as a hatchling in The Drageen.


The Drageen bears a slight resemblance to Pyre, albeit smaller, younger and without armor. Its height is no larger than an average human's.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like other dragons, the Drageen has powers of winged flight and fire breathing. It's possible that when it gets older, it will achieve enhanced durability and stamina, similar to Pyre and Tyrune.


  • It has been shown that the Drageen is currently being cared for by both Pyre and the Mystic Knights.
  • The Drageen has never fought either Pyre or Tyrune.
  • Quuen Maeve only wanted the Drageen before it hatched for its egg.

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