Knight in the Forest

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The Queen Mother


The Final Battle


While Rohan contemplates leaving Kells, Prince Garrett returns to aid his fellow Mystic Knights in the coming battle.


Maeve gives Torc a magic shield to use in the battle against Kells. The shield is enchanted with a repulsing spell. But when he encounters Angus, Deirdre and Ivar, the shield gets destroyed by them all using their weapons together.

Meanwhile Rohan has come to the conclusion that their is no point to running away any longer and returns to the castle. On his way there Lugad jumps out from behind the trees and attacks him. Rohan tries to tell Lugad that Maeve is there mother, but the beast-warrior won't listen. Instead he keeps attacking Rohan. Garrett comes to the rescue in a new weapon, called Dragon Bow. Garrett fights Lugad, who eventually runs away when he sees the Temra soldiers coming. Garrett and Rohan exchange pleasantries and head toward the castle.

Once back, Rohan tells his friends that Maeve bears the same mark on her arm, therefore she is his mother. All are in shock. Maeve decides since she can't seem to get Lugad to fight for her, she will just have to do the next best thing. She summons a Shadow creature called a Shade and has him take the form of Lugad, hoping that when Rohan falters against attacking his brother, the Shadow can make its strike.

Lugad has decided to run for Pyre's cave, hoping that he will find Deirdre there, since she had been so kind to him. Instead he finds Nemain waiting for him. She decides to strike a deal with him and sends him into the forest to wait until he's needed.

Meanwhile, Temra is attacking Kells castle. Rohan, Garrett, and Deirdre call their Mystic Armor and manage to run the shade off, but not destroy it. They race out of the castle after it, where they come across Ivar in the Defender. Angus, on the other hand, is having a terrible time steering the Dragon Bow. He finally makes it to the battle and the five of them destroy the Shadow.

In the end, as they all stand in the throne room. Rohan admits that he made a mistake in not wanting to attack what he thought was Lugad and decides that he will no longer hesitate. The King tells them that they all did a wonderful job, especially Garrett for saving Rohan's life. Deirdre gets up and kisses Garrett on the cheek and thanks him.