Legend of the Ancient Scroll

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Tir Na Nóg (episode)


When her plans for war on Kells are revealed, Queen Maeve begins to raise a monster to battle Kells troops. Told of the ancient scroll which can find Dragenta, Rohan and Angus are on the trail, meeting with Prince Ivar along the way. Princess Deirdre follows as the four fall through a portal in the earth.


On an island that was divided into two kingdoms: The Kingdom of Kells that was ruled by King Conchobar, and the Kingdom of Temra that was ruled by the Queen Maeve. One day, Conchobar and Maeve meet to talk of peace. Sadly, it is quickly discovered that the talks were only a deception. Queen Maeve believes that it is her birthright to rule the entire island.

Conchobar's army fights against her fiercely, and the evil queen's army is stopped. In desperation, Maeve turns to the dark magic of an evil fairy named Mider. Using the powers of sorcery given to her by Mider, Maeve conjures a terrible creature, to help her battle the army of Kells. Aided by the creature, Maeve's forces turn the tide of battle. King Conchobar even thinks of surrendering. Rohan and Cathbad talk the king into letting them look for the prophesized warrior...Draganta.







  • This is the first episode in which a monster has appeared for more than one episode.

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