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The Mystic Armor is the magical armor used by the Mystic Knights to fight the forces of Queen Maeve and Temra. Each set of armor has a dragon theme and is associated with a different element by color (red for fire, white for air, blue for water, gray for earth and brown for forest, respectively).

In order to obtain the armor, each Mystic Knight had to face a Temra Sentinel alone in battle, and by winning, earned the right to summon the armor. Even then, could only be summoned during times of dire need only.

Each set of armor provides great protection against harm and comes with a Dragon's Breath Dagger and Battle Gauntlet, located on their left arm, which could unleash fiery energy at their enemies.


  • According to Fin Varra, the Mystic Armor was created long before the time of the little people from silver and gold.

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