Queen Maeve

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Legend of the Ancient Scroll






Queen (formerly)


Maeve appears to posses similar abilities to Cathbad. She most often relies on her ability to summon creatures with the power of the rune stone given to her by Mider.

Queen Maeve was the ruthless queen of Temra. She believes that being the ruler of Kells is her birthright, and so she does everything in her power to take over the land.


Monarch of Temra, the nation which shares the expanse of an island with Kells. Maeve enacted a plan to overthrow King Conchobar and take his throne. After discovering her armies weren't strong enough to defeat Kells alone, she sought help from the dark fairy, Mider. He, in turn, gave her the Ram Staff, and a powerful, green Rune Stone. With this powerful new gem, Maeve could summon creatures from the deepest pits of Tir Na Nóg and send them to wreak havoc upon Kells. In return, Mider asked for her help in taking over the land of Tir Na Nóg itself. While she is willing to work with Mider, Maeve only trusts general Torc implicitly.

She was later revealed as the mother of the young Mystic Knight Rohan and of her servant Lugad. During her final campaign against Conchobar, Maeve takes over Kells until Lugad frees the captive Knights during Maeve's fight with Rohan. Maeve used her full magic to assume the form of a Nāga-like creature with eye beams. It was only the combined magic from both her sons, that could defeat her and revert her to human form. This also caused Maeve's rune stone on her staff, the source of her personal sorcery powers, to be overpowered and disappear. Maeve was then rendered powerless, and was banished to another island by Conchobar.

As she saw her son for the last time, Rohan himself asked if she had anything to say to him before her banishment. She then replied that he'd been trained well and that he was a great warrior except that he'd just fought on the wrong side, so he asked her to be taken away.

Maeve And Staff
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Maeve is highly versed in magic. Being able to summon and command all kinds of monsters to help her cause. Using her magic, she can vanish in a blur of light and transport herself instantly over large distances. Maeve is a master tactician, able to anticipate on her enemies and develop tactics and schemes to outwit them and achieve her goals.

She is a powerful leader and is good at both convincing and deceiving people. 

Maeve is a highly-skilled fighter, being able to defeat the greatest of warriors in single combat. Using only a sword, Maeve was able to defeat both Garrett and Rohan while wearing their full armor and using their powers. During fights, she uses her sword fighting skills as well as kicks, throws and incredible agility and acrobatic moves to defeat her foes.