The Sentinels of Temra are four magical beings that the Mystic Knights had to fight in order to gain their Mystic Armor. They later came under the control and employment of Maeve, having formerly served their creator Mider.

Angered by her loses to the Mystic Knights, Maeve convinced Mider to combine the Four sentinels in a fighting force to oppose the knights.

The Four SentinelsEdit

The Ice Lord of Temra

The Lightning Bat of Temra

The Sea Serpent of Temra

The Rock Wolf of Temra


  • Each Sentinel's magical abilities were powered by an opposite element to the Mystic Knight they faced to determine the fate of the Mystic Armor that was to be kept from them/obtained by them.
    • The only exception is the Rock Wolf, who was of the same element as the Mystic Knight of Earth.
  • It is uncertain if the giant spider creature that guarded Prince Garrett's Mystic Armor was a Sentinel or not. If so, it was the only one that did not posses the ability to speak or was of a humanoid form or returned for revenge.


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