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The Prisoner Prince


Rohan's Doubt


A beautiful princess named Lynette is found on the shores of Kells without her memory by Fin Varra's scouts. Garrett grows closer to her while her arrival conicides with the monstrous Grindon attacking.


The Grindon, an evil beast has been pursuing Lynette for quite some time. The Grindon attacked the Kells soldiers and the Mystic Knights after it attacked some Temran villages. The Mystic Knights' weapons couldn't affect it and it even prevented Rohan from calling Pyre. Torc arrived with his soldiers as Tyrune engaged it in battle. The Mystic Knights attacked Grindon causing it to flee into Kells.

It later attacked the castle but was repelled by the Mystic Knights. Lynette warned them that it would return at sunset and if it got inside, the castle will fall. After Princess Lynette left the castle, the Mystic Knights went after her and devised a plan to lure Grindon out into the opening. Finally understanding the riddle given to them by Fin Varra, Rohan has Princess Lynette use his sword and kill the Grindon, which she alone could do (which was why the Grindon was pursuing her in the first place).






  • Garrett mentions the right hand that King Fin Varra spoke of but the only ones that knew of that were Rohan, Ivar, and Angus.

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