The Curse of Kells

Original Airdate



Episode Number



A King's Ransom


The Trial of Angus


Ivar is told the story of how Rohan and Angus became friends as children as well as how Torc joined forces with Queen Maeve.


Ten years ago, Cathbad first discovered Rohan and along with him Angus. A young King Conchobar is trying to make a peace treaty between Kells and Temra, and little Princess Deirdre wants to be a part of it all. Cathbad takes Rohan under his wing and makes him his apprentice.

During Rohan's time in the Druid's chambers, while he is supposed to be cleaning, Angus sneaks in and instead they end up making trouble. By fooling around with the Druid's powders they end up releasing a spirit that curses Kells. This spirit sends a noxious cloud through Kells, disabling all the King's soldiers.

Later, when Conchobar returns from his unsuccessful talks with Maeve he discovers that his guards are all sick. Rohan and Angus decide that to make up for what they have done, they are going to find out who the traitor is.

They sneak into Maeve's castle and find that the King's trusted soldier, Torc, is the traitor. Cathbad, Conchobar, and the kids defend Kells against the oncoming attack from Temra. In the end, the spirit grants another year's protection from the curse.






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