The Fifth Knight

Original Airdate



Episode Number



The Traitor of Kells


The Mystic Knight of Forest


The Mystic Knights are told that Garrett is important to the future of Kells, so they try to think of a way to free him from Queen Maeve's spell.


Garrett, while fighting under a spell for Maeve, steals the Mystic Weapons, with the help of Mider's magic. The Mystic Knights manage to capture Garrett and try to make him retrieve their Mystic Weapons. When he won't help them, they take him to Cathbad.

The Druid mixes a potion, but it seems to do no good. Cathbad remembers that since a queen cast the spell on Garrett, that only a queen could remove the spell. Deirdre takes the potion and uses it on Garrett, since she is a future queen, and the spell is broken.

Garrett then helps them retrieve their Mystic Weapons. He discovers from Cathbad that he is the Mystic Knight of Forest and that he must now quest to get his own armor.






  • According to Angus, the Mystic Knights had to fight the Sentinels for their weapons. They, however, had to fight the Sentinels for just their armor, as King Fin Vara gave them their weapons in the second episode.

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